Laurence Harbor, A Gem on the Raritan Bay


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Participate in a Study of the Harbor!

I have been introduced to a PhD student from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in environmental science and policy who is studying Laurence Harbor. She is looking for long-term residents (living in the area >5 years) that would be willing to be interviewed (no longer than an hour). I did the interview; really interesting questions. She mentioned she would love a few President's section residents; Madison Ave, Jefferson Ave, Monroe Ave, Lincoln Ave, Garfield Ave, Cleveland Ave, Harding Rd, McKinley Ave, Roosevelt Ave, Wilson Ave and Bayview Drive.

She is investigating what residents think about the physical features in the area (both built structures and natural features) that exist to reduce coastal hazards or impact from coastal hazards, such as flooding, erosion, and storms. I hope you will consider participating. The goal of her research is to inform policy decisions regarding coastal hazard mitigation. If you would be willing to participate, you can contact her at: or through her Facebook page: (you have to be logged in to see it)

Remember, Election Day is November 3, 2015

This Tuesday, go to the polls and vote! After all, the indomitable Dave Merwin and many other locals are running. Don't be silenced and get practice for 2016!

EPA Directs NL Industries to Clean Up Raritan Bay Slag Superfund Site

The press release says it all; National Lead needs to follow EPA's selected option of full clean up and remove all contamination from the Laurence Harbor waterfront, jetty and Margaret's Creek. Cleanup keeps moving.


Mystery Punkin Chunker Sighted Near Gazebo in Old Bridge Waterfront Park

Unhappy farmer left with too many pumpkins? Pranker? Banksy takes detour to Laurence Harbor?


Bald Eagle Sighting in Laurence Harbor

August 30, 2011 - Osprey chased him away

Rolling Thunder Echoes Through Laurence Harbor




Laurence Harbor has a few home teams! Laurence Harbor Little League, The Bayshore Brawlers (A PFL team), and more if you include Old Bridge. A larger list can be found here.




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